Monday, March 17, 2014

My Book Life is Bleeding into My So-Called "Real" One

This week I found myself in the middle of a social conundrum, rife with misunderstandings that arise when the first party is upset with the second party and then expects the third party to take a side and when said third party refuses to take a side the first party assumes the third party and second party are in cahoots.  Long story short,* I was the third party, and as both Party One and Party Two were increasingly upset at each other (and innocent ol’ me), I found myself wistfully wondering how Jeeves would have extricated Bertie from such a pickle.

I blame Reality for being an obdurate place where fictional genius valets don’t just magically shimmer into my life when I want them.

*And if you’re confused reading it, think how much more so I was experiencing it!

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