Monday, May 19, 2014

Library Binging

I don't know what it is about summer coming up, but around this time of year I always have the urge to borrow library books like crazy. I call these "library binges," in which I have to use not only one hand to hold my books but both. Sometimes the chin comes into play as I try to steady a tall, precariously leaning pile of books I'm trying to carry up to the checkout counter. 

Maybe one reason is that the summer is so short. The days are long, but it's over so fast. It makes me remember that life is short.  And my list of "books to put on hold" is so very, very long. 

It's downright overwhelming at times, seeing how many books I actually have to read. There are hundreds, even thousands of years' worth of literature to catch up on, and as if that's not enough there's always thousands, if not MILLIONS of new titles being churned out that fairness dictates I can't ignore. 

Yet overwhelming as it can be, there's nothing quite so satisfying as the feeling of your shoulders and elbows straining at their sockets, your vertebrae being smooshed, because you're carrying about 126 thick chapter books to your car. Sometimes it's worth renting a trailer or moving van for these sorts of summer expeditions to the library.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Arthurian Legends and Art

Arthurian Legends Illustrated: Part I

Don't worry I won't go back to my The Waste Land ranting for quite awhile now.  I'll even hold off on my reviews of some other Arthurian Legend-related books.  But this link is pretty cool taken just by itself.  I love when stories impact art.