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Novels. Poetry. Drama. Characters. Literary themes. The life and adventures of being an avid reader. These are the types of things this blog discusses.   

Please note that I do not endorse the use of books as chairs or footrests. Unless they're math books.

My philosophy on reading:

Reading should be fun. Nowadays many people are trained to interpret and analyze perfectly fun literature until the pleasure’s been strained out with a sieve, either in school or college or just plain trying to slog through dense literature without adequate preparation. This is an unjust stereotype of books, because not only is there serious, thematically-deep literature out there -- which is well worth the slogging -- there are plenty of light, fun, adventurous books that make your imagination soar out of your body and into different worlds. 

My hope is that in reading this blog, you’ll see the huge variety of literature that’s available out there and learn to love it as I do. (Haha like that could ever happen. Nobody can love literature as much as me! Nobody!)
I don’t have a favorite book. I have favorite books. I also love the works of Austen, Dickens, Dumas, Conan Doyle, Lloyd Alexander, Gerald Morris, Oscar Wilde, and I even have been developing an appreciation for this new author named William Shakespeare.

While my favorite “genre” is Classic Literature, I also have a soft spot for modern children’s novels and Young Adult fiction. This blog will attempt to recommend the very best of all my reading career.  

In case you’re wondering where I’ve learned some of my literary-interpretation methods (and also in case it matters), I was home-schooled grades 1-12, went to a community college for two years and then a state university for two more years, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Literature with a minor in History. 

What am I doing when I'm not reading?

What imaginary time is this? Haha, just kidding. A little.
In the past I have worked in data entry, technical writing, as a library page (one of my favorite gigs thus far!), reception and admin work for retail, and currently I am a receptionist/copy editor/copy writer/social marketing assistant. My near-future goal is to phase out the reception part of my job description and center more fully on editing and writing. 

In the spare time not spent reading, I like to write, visit the library or bookstores (see a pattern here? Too bad, I’m about to depart from it), heckle television (yes, I did say “heckle.” What? I believe that television should be an interactive experience!). I also enjoy learning "old-fashioned" skills like baking, canning, embroidery, and (most of all) quilting.

What does this blog hope to accomplish?

First: I started this blog to vent all my thoughts about books so people would stop giving me weird looks as I ranted for hours about my current literary find. 

Second: I am attempting to discipline myself into thinking critically about what I write.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “In reading there is a sort of half-and-half mixture.  The book must be good, but the reader must also be active.” 

Third: As opposed to movies, television, and even video games and graphic novels, books lack ratings on their content. When I review a book, therefore, I try to take the opportunity to suggest an appropriate age and take note of any material a parent might find objectionable. It’s not like I’m a prude or advocating any censorship: I’m just trying to facilitate parents’ helping their children find the best books for their age and maturity. 

Fourth: My personal goal is to have fun. Sure, I try to take things seriously, to learn from the books I read and put the principles they teach into practice. This doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun questioning, critiquing, or even parodying certain stories or characters. 

Fifth: I want this blog to be a dialog (a "diablog"? Nah, I don't want to go there), rather than me spewing my opinions out into the Great Internet Unknown. I love to talk about books, and I’d like any fellow bibliophiles (or mere biblio-likers) here to feel welcome to participate in a cyber-dialog.  I’d like to welcome any comments, questions, or contradictions you, the reader, have of anything I say in this blog.

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