First, a quick note on my literary taste.  In retrospect, it might have been an easier task to assign myself if I had listed the books I DON'T recommend.  

I consider myself a voracious and eclectic reader, loving to hunker down with a good classic like Dostoyevsky, and equally enjoying a Young Adult "candy book." Although I have no favorite genre--reading Sci-Fi, Classics, Poetry, Drama, Nonfic, Mystery and Historical Fiction--I do tend to avoid paranormal fiction, horror, and I usually pass over the Western section faster than you can say "Yee-haw."  I also don't read books that are depressing or depraved for the sole purpose of shock value, not only because I read for the sake of entertainment (and not to be traumatized), but also because I dislike having my emotions manipulated. 

When I recommend a book, usually it's to someone I know in person.  Usually I only suggest titles if they ask for it, and I only comply when I have a good idea what type of person they are and what types of books they've enjoyed in the past.  Maturity level and sensitivity to certain thematic elements in books is also a huge factor in recommending books.  Unlike music, video games or films, books are not "rated." Therefore since I'm making general recommendations to a wide audience via the internet, I try to carefully label the age-appropriateness of each book, and note any issues that parents might take with the books on this list, no matter how "trivial."*

So, without further ado, here is a (constantly growing) list of books I recommend**:

For Children (of all ages):

For Adults:

*Because I know that what one parent considers "good clean fun" could be considered by another parent as "completely inappropriate for my child." 

**This list includes only the books I've discussed in previous blog entries.   

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  1. I recommend for all ages
    Flavia DE Luce
    the Tiffany Aching books
    Crape Jugulum
    Monstrous Regiment