Favorite Authors:

Lloyd Alexander
            The Adventures of Vesper Holly
            The Arcadians
            The Cat Who Wished to be a Man
            The Chronicles of Prydain
Janine is French
            The Westmark Trilogy

Jane Austen
            Mansfield Park
            Northanger Abbey
            Pride and Prejudice
            Sense and Sensibility

K.K. Beck
           Death in a Deck Chair
           Murder in a Mummy Case
           Peril Under the Palms
           The Revenge of Kali-Ra

Agatha Christie
            The ABC Murders
            And Then There Were None
            Death Comes as the End
            Death on the Nile
            The Moving Finger
Murder on the Orient Express
            Pocket Full of Rye

Charles Dickens
            A Christmas Carol
            David Copperfield
            Great Expectations
            Hard Times
            Little Dorrit
            The Mystery of Edwin Drood
            Nicholas Nickelby
            Oliver Twist
            Our Mutual Friend

Fyodor Dostoyevsky
            Crime and Punishment
            Notes from the Underground

Alexandre Dumas
            The Count of Monte Cristo
            The Three Musketeers

T.S. Eliot
            The Waste Land

Elizabeth Goudge
            Green Dolphin Street
            The Rosemary Tree

C.S. Lewis
            The Chronicles of Narnia
            God in the Dock
            The Great Divorce
            Mere Christianity
            The Science Fiction Trilogy
            Till We Have Faces

Emmuska Orzcy
            The Scarlet Pimpernel Books

Mark Twain
            The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
            The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
            A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court         
A Tramp Abroad        

P.G. Wodehouse
            The Jeeves and Wooster Stories
The Psmith Stories
Something Fresh

Specific Favorites: