Monday, May 13, 2013

Pass the Bookplate: Second Helpings

Below are either the images or links to images of bookplates owned by a wide range of world leaders, artists, and celebrities throughout history.  Whether the images are shown, or merely linked, is based solely on the scientific method of which ones I like most.
George Washington's Bookplate,
Paul Revere
Calvin Coolidge

Herbert Hoover A self-made man, Hoover's bookplate is supposed to show the dichotomy between the hard work and industry he had to put into his life, and the success he achieved because of it.

This Charles de Gaulle bookplate is really cool because it shows the Nazi swastika being snapped under the Cross of Lorraine (a symbol of the Free French).

 I love how the stars seem to actually move around the human figure in Albert Einstein's bookplate. (
  I've decided I don't need to design my own bookplate.  I'll just rip off Rudyard Kipling's. 
Oh wait I like this one, too.
 And this one, by H.G. Wells.  Although I'm not quite sure it's entirely safe for that dude to be balancing on top of a hot air balloon. 
Sheesh these actors.  So self-absorbed.  On the other hand, she could always say "I vant to be alone...with my book."

 Charlie Chaplin's beautiful bookplate is only marred by that freaky ogre face thing.

According to The Art of the Bookplate, either Harpo or Susan designed this bookplate image themselves.  ( 

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