Friday, October 25, 2013

Bookish Gifts for Bookish People

With Christmas on its way it's high time I start my gift Wish-list. 

(Although who are we kidding, you know I just go to my book-list and write down any titles I borrowed from the library but Simply Must Have. Bear with me; this should be fun anyway.)

There is a veritable plethora* of merchandise out there for the Confirmed Reader, and lucky for the people who make these kind of novelties I happen to be such a shopper.  Almost anything tome-related goes on my Wish-list spectrum, ranging from "Aw that'd be nice to have one day" to "I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW *insert gnawing sounds as I bite the bit*!"

Unfortunately these sheets are only available in a hotel, apparently. And I suppose reading Sleeping Beauty every night would get monotonous--and maybe make me a little paranoid to go to sleep in the first place, since a) I don't want to sleep for 100 years, b) I have spindle issues, and c) I don't want some random guy kissing me awake when I have 100-year-long morning breath. Maybe if these sheets would magically change from one story to a new one every night.... 

As if being swathed in that wouldn't be awesome enough, there's Lilliputian Book Necklaces:
I think I could make that, given some practice of about twenty years. 

Somehow stools and books just seem to go together. Maybe it's because you need something to stand on to reach that One Perfect Novel:

(By the way, check out Storytelling Nomad's blog post, 10 Christmas Gifts for Booklovers, which is where I found this nifty book-reaching device.)

*See, told you this blog post would be fun. Any excuse to use the word "plethora" is a rioting good time for me. 

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