Monday, June 15, 2015

If You Give a Laura a Booksale

With the coming of summer, Booksale Season is once again in full swing.  Now,

If you give a Laura a booksale (especially when it's close by), she's going to want to go to it.

When she goes to it, she'll want to buy some books.

She'll buy some books.

She'll get them home and wash them, stack them like dominoes to dry, and 
she'll put them away.

When she goes to put them away, she'll realize
She has no room.

So she'll completely take apart her bookshelves in the vain attempt at "rearranging to somehow create more space."

She will probably fail.

When she fails, she will decide that she must read some of those history books that are so very thick and taking up so much room.

Which will leave her no choice but to read them.

She reads them.

Half of them she decides are worth keeping.

Fortunately the other half she puts in the very small, very sad Giveaway Pile.

Now that she has gotten rid of some books, she'll want to

When she's done rearranging, she'll find that she has some more space.

And when she has more space,

She'll need to go to a booksale to fill it.

It's a vicious cycle, really.


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