Monday, April 24, 2017

That Awkward Moment

When I'm on break at my new job and some coworkers start having a conversation across the room about Don Quixote and I REALLY REALLY want to join in. 

Until the one actually reading Don Quixote disses it as "too long" and "basically the same joke over and over."
Then I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to join in and correct him in the error of  his ways:

He's totally wrong about Don Quixote. Unfortunately he fell into the same mistake of many modern readers, and saw the musical first. Man of La Mancha is about Cervantes, not an actual adaptation of the book! Now, while I agree some parts of Don Quixote do take the "joke" so far it's like beating a dead Rosinante, who says this book is only supposed to be about "jokes"? Satire is more than for chuckles and lolz.  It's about making a point, making one think.  I for one was fascinated by it. Not only does it have the laugh-out-loud moments one expects, but it also brings up some tough questions. Is it better to be sane like the other characters in the book, but not have any principles or desire for some higher standard of life? Is Don Quixote a pathetic character, or is he perhaps like Plato's metaphor of the cave, where the person who has escaped the dismal reality of servitude and darkness comes back to tell his fellow captives of this new wide world outside, only to be ridiculed as insane?

But I'm afraid that freaking out in a room full of practical-strangers-but-I-have-to-cultivate-a-good-working-relationship-with-them-I-suppose-even-if-it-means-betraying-one-of-my-favorite-works-of-literature-by-not-adequately-defending-its-myriad-of-virtues will not be considered copacetic.

So instead you shout across the room "NEXT TIME TRY CANDIDE.  IT'S SHORTER!"

(I'm sure he'll take my suggestion.)

He'd better.

Maybe I'll just shove a copy in his employee mailbox.  That's professional, right?

Or at least it's anonymous.

As long as he doesn't see me do it.

Or remember me yelling at him.

It wasn't really "yelling," it's just he was across the room and I  had to raise my voice to be sure he heard my valuable if somewhat unsolicited input.

I think I just became the Lady Catherine de Bourgh of bibliophiles.

But I'm alright with that. 

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